BLINK :: Michelle+Andrew

Hey Gang!

You gain a lot when you get married…and no, i’m not talking about those few pounds that most of us put on after saying “I do” *lol*. Finding the one, and making it official comes with a lot of perks. The first one being your spouse, the wedding day just wouldn’t be the same without them and neither would “forever”! With a lot of hard work, a pen and a marriage license, you gain a hand holder, a goodnight kisser and a #1 fan for life. It doesn’t get any better than that – or does it?

Marrying the person of your dreams means you also become part of a new family: your spouse’s. It feels funny at first, after all, these are not the people you grew up with, but as you date your spouse-to-be, you get to know their family and you start to see how the person you can’t live without became who they did. Typically, all of those things you love about them are imbedded, in some way, in the family they came from. You start to care for them and they begin to love you, not only for who you are – but what you are; the person that loves a very important member of their family

There’s nothing quite like having your family accept and love the person you’ve chosen to spend your life with. I know it doesn’t always end up this way. So when I saw Michelle and Andrew with their families on their wedding day, I had to smile to myself. It was so wonderful to watch their families embrace them and welcome them with a genuine sense of love. This moment was beautiful to capture. I loved seeing Andrew’s grandfather embrace Michelle as if she were his own granddaughter. But the kicker was the look on Andrew’s face…have you ever seen a more happy groom? What a meaningful moment for him to see and then *blink*, it was gone. Andrew will always have this moment to look back on…the day he married the woman of his dreams and his family “officially” welcomed his wife as one of their own.

Come back in a few to see more from their perfect day!