Eagle Nest Golf Course Wedding :: Michelle+Andrew

Hey Gang!!

Today we have Andrew and Michelle’s beautiful Eagles Nest Golf Club wedding. The weather was beautiful and this couple could not have been more happy to make it official!!

Michelle & Andrew met when they were both attending the university of waterloo. They didn’t necessarily run in the same crowd, since Andrew was in the year above, but they were both studying Kinesiology. They had mutual friends and slowly started to get to know each other. One of their mutual friends heard Andrew was a physics genius (Which Michelle & Andrew admit is “not the case, but not not the case| *lol*) and asked Andrew to help her with it. Michelle tagged along because she, too, was hopeless at it. That’s how they became better friends. Andrew was a busy part of the teaching assistant world and apparently popular with the ladies, unbeknownst to Michelle, until one day a friend was gushing about him. She realized they were talking about Andrew and immediately tried to play matchmaker! The two were dating for awhile until one day things changed. Andrew and a group of friends had come to Michelle’s dorm to watch a movie with them and…..there were sparks! They just clicked that night. The next couple of weeks nothing changed but Andrew tells Michelle that he had seen her through a window walking to class and commented to a friend that he could see a future with her. That’s when the pursuit started. They chatted on MSN messenger (remember that!?) ALOT and he suffered through Michelle’s chats about the horrible dates she went on! All the while, she imagined what it would be like with him , but felt like she would jinx it if she rushed it. In the back of her head she knew they’d get together eventually. Finally on Michelle’s 19th birthday, Andrew organized a big outing, and that night he kissed her. The rest folks, is good old fashioned history! ¬†Check out our Facebook page for the rest!!