Dreams Punta Cana Wedding :: Amanda + Andy

Hey Gang,
As soon as I landed in Punta Cana I couldn’t wait to see everyone. Amanda had told me that I would fit in perfectly with all their guests and family members and that’s always reassuring for me especially when we have to spend the whole week together *wink* Well she was certainly right, I truly felt like one of the gang with non-stop laughing, good conversation and getting smashed by the “Hulk” (inside joke) The day before the wedding it rained from dusk to dawn and did not let up even for a bit. Amanda approached me pretty concerned and I assured her that this was a good thing! Let the clouds dry up for tomorrow is what I told her not knowing what was in store for us the next day. The morning of the wedding I opened my drapes with hesitation only to be pleasantly welcomed by the sun, “I knew it!” I thought to myself maybe being a little over confident *wink* By the time I reached Amanda’s room the clouds had rolled back into town with a vengeance looking for retribution. I could see the look of concern on Amanda’s face so I walked up to her and asked if she was ok. She told me there were only two things she wanted on her wedding: to marry Andy and to bring her closest family and friends away with her. I told her she had already accomplished that and regardless of the weather she was surrounded with the people she loves the most and that we were going to take some kick a$$ photos along the way *wink* So what happened next? By the time the ceremony started the dark clouds were replaced with fluffy friendly ones and we went the rest of the day without a drop of rain.

Amanda & Andy first met on the soccer field when Andy was 14 and she was 12. Amanda’s dad was Andy’s soccer coach and a tough one at that! 10 years later they bumped into each other at a club while they were both there with friends. Andy looked at Amanda and said “aren’t you Tony’s daughter?” And that was it, she was hooked! *wink* That week she did something she thought she would NEVER do – she facebook-creeped Andy, found out as much about him and his friends and added him asap! A couple weekends later Amanda’s friends were planning a night out at the bar so she sent Andy a fb message to come. He didn’t get her msg (so he says) *wink*. However, he coincidentally ended up being there too Hmmm.. As you can see it was meant to be! That’s the day they had their first dance….. Wait for it…..Wait for it…..”la Macarena!” For anyone born after the early 90’s you might want to YouTube it! *wink* From that day she knew Andy was IT! They went on a few dates and before they knew it they were an item. It’s been 3 and a half years and here we are!

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Wedding Venue/Reception: Dreams Punta Cana

Wedding Dress: Sophie’s Bridal Gown Shoppe