Engagement Session :: Diane+Andrew

Hey Gang!

Today we have Diane & Andrew’s engagement photos. I love the idea of taking some gorgeous shots of a sweet couple in regular clothes *lol* I mean wedding photos are definitely a must, don’t get me wrong, but taking more casual shots of a couple just enjoying each other’s company is so amazing. You look back on your photos and you think “Hey, that’s just us being US” and I don’t think there is anything sweeter. They’re typical days, nothing overly special going on aside from spending time together. And at the end of the day, that is what most days are like.

We can always look back on wedding photos and remember that one amazing day when it all became “official”. It is easy to be in love on your wedding day…or at least it should be *lol* But it is equally as important is looking back on that seemingly normal or average day and still seeing the love, the connection and the tenderness between two people.

I had such a great time in Fergus with Diane and Andrew. Now that we’ve got amazing casual shots *wink*, I can’t wait to see them all dressed up and ready to get married!

Check out the rest of their photos on my Facebook page.