Cambridge Family Photography :: Christine + Josephine

Hey Gang,

So I get a call from Chris saying “I didn’t know you do family photos?!?” Do them I say, Im falling in love with them as much as my weddings *lol*.  I know I’ve said this before but to see my couples become parents is what I’ve come to realize is very special, even as special as witnessing them become husband & wife.  I explained to Chris that I wouldn’t or more like didn’t know how to do your traditional family portraits, instead I wanted to capture it just as I did her wedding; natural, unposed and definitely not forced.  The photos you really cherish of your children are the ones where there free to be children as silly, funny and most importantly spontaneous!   To ask a kid to stay still and say cheese isn’t natural or fun but more importunely doesn’t capture the true essence of who they are.  Seeing my oldest now, taller than I am makes me realize more than ever how fast time flies and how important it is to capture each of life’s milestones.