Cutten Club Weddings :: Johanna + Corey

Hey Gang,

Here’s Johanna, Corey and Hanna Grace’s wedding day! After listening to their amazing story I couldn’t help but feel blessed to have captured such an important day for a really special couple/family. Watch the slide show at the end or check out my Facebook!!

They met about 10 years ago, in a local bar…ok that part is kind of typical she says… Corey was friends with Johanna two older sisters. (She’s the youngest of 4,  Johanna’s brother is the oldest and then Johanna’s two sisters.) They both knew of one another, shared mutual friends, but had never really met. Which is pretty typical considering they both were from the Guelph Area.  So one evening, they were at the same bar with their friends. They  were introduced by friends, he bought her a drink, and then spent the entire evening talking, laughing, and hanging out together at the bar. All night.  Another typical thing for their friends is to keep the partying going after the bars close and that’s exactly what happened this evening. They all went back to a friends house, made some food, probably had a couple more drinks and then finally called cabs at about 5 AM.  They didn’t exchange numbers or anything but she was pretty sure they would be running into each other again since Guelph isn’t that big.

And thank goodness for Facebook. She hates saying that !  To this day, they both say each other looked the other up and requested to be friends… a few “pokes” later, and a few ‘in-box’ messages, they exchanged numbers and begin to text each other. A lot. From there, they were always “accidently” running into each other while out with friends on their weekends but kept it under wraps.  She  was really nervous for some reason about her two older sisters finding out that she had a crush on THE Corey Speers, let alone had been talking with him.

At this point though, they never told anyone about their relationship and thought they did a good job of keeping it top secret. They later found out that everyone knew and was on to them. Friends would see Johanna’s car parked across the street in the blockbuster parking lot, as if she was that sneaky. One friend even called Corey one day and told him for her to park Johanna car somewhere else haha.  She can even remembers one time they were out to a restaurant grabbing some lunch, and purposely sat in the back corner. A mutual friend came in just as they were ready to leave, so Corey went to the bathroom, she grabbed her car keys and took off! LOL, trying to escape having to talk to her friend. About 10 minutes later or so, Corey came out of bathroom, paid the bill and met her in the car. They laughed all the way back to his house and thought they were so sneaky pulling that off. After that, they just would order food in to avoid running into friends. During this part of their relationship, they both tried to keep their cool and not let the other know just how much they meant to each other.  They also were both going through some hard things in life and never really liked to talk about it with each other. In a way, they were each others escape and even though they never realized it, they liked it that way.  At the time, they both didn’t want to be in serious relationships and weren’t looking to be in one. If she recalls correctly, it started to get more serious and she got scared, so she decided they needed some time apart.

In June of 2007, she  was driving home from her parents cottage on Highway 400 when she was hit by another car, and two other cars sadly got tangled up in the accident. The accident actually shut down the 400, both north and south bound lanes for about 16 hours.  Unbeknown it to her at the time, but she was actually about 2.5 months pregnant at the time of the accident. If you were to see pictures of Johanna car, and the other 3 cars, you wouldn’t know how she and her  cousin/maid of honour, walked out with only a few scratches and bruises.  To this day, she believes that the only reason she and everyone else survived the accident was because of their beautiful daughter. She was meant to be here and they were meant to be a family.

On February 11th, 2009, they decided to give it a real go, and be a family, to raise their daughter together and more importantly, to give them an honest chance at love. Since then, they have had a great delight and love for watching their daughter, Hanna Grace,  learn and grow every day into a beautiful little girl.  When it came time to picking a wedding date, it was only fitting to have their wedding on February 11th, exactly 3 years to the day they made the best decision ever.


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