Croatian Hall Wedding :: Renata + Joey

Hey Gang,

Today we have the amazing wedding of Renata and Joey.  It all started 11 years ago at a Croatian dance festival in Disney Florida where Joey first noticed Renata at a party by the resort pools, She was 16 and he was 18. Being the shy guy that he is he didn’t pursue trying to talk to me, but mentioned to his friend, “that girl, there is something about her” That is where it was left, fast forward 4 years later….Joey and Renata ended up in the same circle of friends through her best friend and his cousin who were dating at the time. At that point Joey being the cool guy that he is, wasn’t sure how to pursue talking to her, and got some help from his good friend who Renata has known for a long time. Some small talk was made and that’s where it was left. Few weeks later they were both at the same new years eve party where he finally got the nerve to ask for her phone number, to his surprise Renata didn’t give it to him but told him “if you want my number you will have to find it yourself” Renata was playing hard to He ended up getting her number from her friend so Renata guess he was up for the challenge. Few weeks later he called her and they chatted, he asked her if she wanted to meet up for drinks, so they did and they had great conversation. Renata did however make it clear to him she was just wanting to be friends, , Joey was persistent in making sure he kept close to her, so he said he was fine with just being friends. They kept in touch and had many phone conversations, and met up quite often for coffee. After about 6 months of hanging out and being friends and getting to know each other, it seemed to change the whole “I just want to be friends thing” for her…Renata realized how great of a guy Joey was, funny, smart and he had this sweet and sensitive side to him. Renata quickly realized that she was totally falling for this guy, so she decided to tell him. He was quite relieved to hear that as he felt the same way, that was the beginning of their relationship…

Within those 6 years of dating, the discussion of marriage came up but there was no pressure they just wanted to let things come naturally. Joey was working 2 jobs for about 6 months at that point and it was just about Easter time and the long weekend was coming up, he was just needing a break, being the travel bug that Renata is, he just had to mention vacation and she was totally in. He was quite persistent about wanting to go to Florida as he didn’t have too much time to take off, so Florida just seemed to work, for her, She didn’t care where she went as long as she was on vacation lol….Finding a fantastic deal online they were totally ready to just chill by a pool and do nothing for 3 days. Little did Renata know that this was all part of his master plan. After arriving in Orlando Joey told her he heard about this awesome seafood restaurant at the Swan and Dolphin resort in Disney, so he made a reservations and off they went for dinner. Renata was excited when he told her they were going to the swan and dolphin as she remember going there for the dance festival and how much fun it was…So they went to dinner and it was a fantastic dinner, They walked around the boardwalk and by the beautiful resort pools, and he had brought her to that same spot where he had first noticed her. They started talking about how they were both there 10 years ago and how time flies by and how it’s crazy how they were both at the same place at the same time and they didn’t know each other yet 10 years later here they are sitting in the same spot together…Then he began to get emotional and into a deep discussion about them and their relationship (very seldom does Joey get into an emotional conversation like that, so when he does she just sat back and listened, little did Renata know what was about to happen) He then got down on one knee and pulled out the ring she was TOTALLY shocked, she was not expecting it… She started to cry, he kept talking but RENATA don’t even remember what he was saying to her, until he said “Will you marry me?”  Renata was still crying and she thinks that made him a little nervous as she wasn’t saying anything, …not being sure if that meant yes he asked her again and RENATA said yes lo  The best 3 day getaway ever!  The fun didn’t end there, shortly after Renata found out that Joey had arranged for a big party to be waiting for them with all their family and friends upon their return. It was AWESOME!!!


Cake – Susie Mlinaric & Dianna Sutic

Decorator – Do it in style –

Hall/Reception Area – Croatian Banquet Hall

Hair Salon – Cucci Cabello

Dress – New Bridal, Woodbridge

Band – Nocni Raj and VIS Bagremi

Limo –  Brentwood Livery