Engagement Session :: Ashley+Paul-Michael

Hey Gang!

So what comes before amazing wedding photos?? Awesome engagement photos of course! *wink*

I can’t say any wedding or engagement session is ever the same, and something always seems to stick out from the day. For Paul-Michael and Ashley’s e-session, it started off pretty typically…and then I had these two wonderful people trek in some pretty treacherous terrain *lol*. I swear, it didn’t look like it would be as rough as it was!! But, unfortunately we had a casualty in the form of Ashley’s shoe. That’s right, halfway through the shoot, after I had suggested they hike up to what seemed like an easy trek, Ashley’s shoe broke!! I can’t say I’ve ever gone shoe shopping during an e-session *lol*, but that’s what we had to do. Moral of the story? Expect the unexpected and roll with it, because there is a first time for everything!

By the way…does this mean I owe Ashley a pair of shoes?? *lol*


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