BLINK :: Haylee+Ken

Hey Gang!

A destination wedding is more than getting married in a beautiful location. After all, anyone can find beauty in their own backyard. It is more than a buffet full of amazing food, drinks that seem to be bottomless and the ocean within your reach. Think back to all of your vacations and you’ll remember the place you visited, the reason you went but most importantly you’ll remember the people you were with.

When Haylee & Ken told me that they decided to have their wedding in a place NONE of their family and friends had ever been, I thought “What an amazing idea!!” The moment they chose a destination wedding in Costa Rica, it was about MORE than their wedding. It was about the week away with their closest family a friends. It was about a massive family vacation, the kind of thing few every get to experience. And it was about love.

A wedding day goes by so quickly…but the week also went by in a *blink*. The experiences shared, the photos to go along with the memories and all of the stories they went home with will last a lifetime.

Come back soon for more from their gorgeous wedding day!