Colleen + Mike + me

Hey Gang,

First thing Colleen says to me on the wedding day is “I hope you brought your cajones, for the You+me”  I asked her what what do you mean? *gulp* She simply looks at me and replied “you’ll see!!” with a wink!  So naturally all day I kept on wondering what the heck did they have in store for me????  So finally it was time and they told me we were going outside for the shot and along following us were 4 huge guys! I didn’t know if I was going to have my picture taken or get my a$$ kicked!  Mike’s looks at me and said remember when you told us that our You+me should be personal, something reflective of our relationship?  Well You know how we both love and play rugby , we’re going to get you to do what we call a Line-out.  This is what a line-out should look like……

Harlequins v Leicester

Here’s our version!