Charity Photo Shoot :: Toronto Sick Kids

Hey Gang!

One of my favourite photographers, Sebastiao Salgado, immediately popped into my head when I thought about reminding everyone that the “From Ainsley” shoot is this Saturday. At first glance, the two don’t seem to go together, but it was Salgado’s work that inspired me to take a different approach.

Unfortunately, horrible things happen in the world. We hear about it, feel sorry and then try to move on. In order to continue on with our busy lives, we put those things in the back of our mind, offering our compassion, but never really doing anything because at times it feels like there’s nothing we CAN do. Salgado, a Social Documentary Photographer, put a face to many social issues so that people had an opportunity to see what was going on instead of just hearing about it. We all know what it is like to hear about starvation, malnutrition, and the devastation of violence, but when we SEE it, when light is cast onto an issue through images, the impact is much stronger.

So that got me thinking….Unfortunately, I made many trips to Sick Kids. It is a place no one really wants to be and yet, it is the place families are thankful to be because provides the BEST care for their child. I saw many faces that would benefit from the toys donated to From Ainsley, but not everyone gets that opportunity. This video clip might give you an idea of WHOSE day you would be brightening up by coming to Monigram Coffee Roasters with a toy on Saturday.

Here are the details for the Charity Photo Shoot!