Charity Photo Shoot :: Thank You

Hey Gang!
There aren’t words to describe how thankful I am to everyone who came out to support the “From Ainsley” shoot that we had over a week ago.  I saw so many familiar faces and was moved by the turn out from family and friends who live near and far. To say I am fortunate to know so many amazing people is an understatement.
For me, the charity shoot was about making a child’s day better – but what it ended up doing was making MY day better.  It felt so good to see everyone, their families and to receive such an outpouring of support for “From Ainsley”.  What an incredible way to spend a Saturday!
You put an event on like this and you worry that no one will show up *lol*.  It was so great to see a steady flow of families come in just as others were leaving.  My goal is that year after year, I will need a longer time frame to accommodate for more families.
I can’t thank everyone enough for opening their hearts and giving to such a great cause.  So many children will smile…all because you made your way to Cambridge with a toy (or two, or five *wink*) and had your smile captured.
My heartfelt gratitude to Graham and Monica of Monigram Coffee Roasters here in Cambridge for being such gracious hosts.  The day wouldn’t have been the same without the continuous flow of AMAZING java! *wink*
For those of you that participated, the photos have been posted on the smugmug site.
Thank you, thank you, thank you again and SEE YOU next year!!