Casa Loma Wedding :: Amanda + Chris

Hey Gang,

You know when they say if its meant to be its meant to be?  Well this would perfect describe Amanda and Chris’s relationship.  Before we jump into this beautiful/funny/exciting story let me tell you how much I luv these guys!  The moment I met them for the first time I knew right then and there how perfect they were for each other and how perfect we would be together on their wedding day *wink*  As soon as Amanda and Chris told me that they just wanted to enjoy their day with the closet people to them and just have someone document all the special moments that day, I know I was their man!! *lol*  Enough about us though, I know your dying to hear all about how these two met!  Make sure you go to my Facebook Page to check out the rest of their photos!


Amanda is a nurse and on this particular day, she was working in the ER. In comes a lady being escorted by the police. The woman was screaming and yelling, using poor choice words in her vocabulary to say the least. The police officer that was with her taking her in to ER was Chris. The more violent and inappropriate she became, the more she became a threat to the others around her. The Doctor gave an order for Amanda to inject her with a sedative. She went into the room with the woman yelling at both her and Chris and she gave her a needle to calm her. As she was leaving the patient’s room, Amanda said to Chris that she felt sorry for him, having to sit with this lady being so abusive to him and yelling non-stop. He then told her it is not so bad cause when the ER Doctor actually comes in and places the patient on a form he is free to go and she then becomes the hospital’s responsibility – meaning she was all Amanda’s lol.

Well no sooner did he say this that he got to leave as the Doctor formed the woman under the mental health act. Amanda never saw this police officer again and they didn’t even exchanged names but she would never forget the eyes he had.

Life went on and during this time Amanda was engaged to someone else. She became pregnant and he left her. She had her son, Logan, and bought her own home moving from Cambridge to Milton. Before she knew it, it was almost time for her to go back to work and Logan was 11 months old.

One day Amanda was in Mississauga at a gas bar getting gas. She had just dropped her son off for a visit with his father. She was alone inside the gas bar waiting in line to pay for her gas. Amanda heard the door of the gas bar open behind her and she heard a police radio. She glanced back over her shoulder and saw a police man. He looked up at her very quickly as he was writing in his note book. She paid for the gas and as she was leaving she looked at him again, he looked at her, she looked at him and saw those eye and identified him as that police officer from that day in ER. She asked him if he remembered her and then he replied with “ah…no! did I give you a ticket?” Amanda began telling him that she was the nurse in the ER that day and then he finished the sentence. He remembered her as well! They finally exchanged names and he asked how she was doing. Amanda explained very fast, not going into much detail, that she had a baby. She then said she just moved to Milton, bought a house for her and her son and Chris was shocked to hear she was alone. He told her he just bought a home in Stoney Creek. Upon having a quick conversation Amanda informed him that Milton was lonely for them having no family or friends there. Chris was very quick to ask for her number as he had friends there and was interested in introducing her to some people.

Amanda gave Chris her number and no sooner was she out of the parking lot that she got a text….they were texting off and on. She had no clue he liked her, but she knew she liked what she saw in him especially the uniform lol. The two tried for a long time to get together but work for Chris and Amanda’s priority being her son made it hard. Finally they set a date and Amanda gave the poor guy the wrong directions, but he did make it to her house. She was sure he was thinking she didn’t want to see him. When he arrived she told him they were going shopping downtown Toronto to the ART SHOPPE! Chris had some reservations about Amanda’s choice of date location but, came along anyway lol. Amanda recalls it feeling as if she was already married to this man. It was so natural and just right. Conversation was flowing, they had no strange moments of silence. She laid it all out there for him as she was a woman of truth and she knew what she wanted and needed in life for her and Logan.
Although Amanda felt a strong connection with Chris, she found him very hard to read. She did not know he wanted or had interest in seeing her again until the drive home when he asked “when can I see you again?” So here they are, he stole Amanda’s heart and more importantly her son’s. He came into Logan’s life blindfolded and stepped into a role most men could not do.

Now, how did Chris pop the question? On their one year anniversary they decided to go for dinner downtown Toronto. Amanda loves Toronto simply for shopping and dinning…..oh did I forget to mention shopping?? lol. On the way to Toronto he told her they should go back to the Art Shoppe for old times sake. Amanda declined and told him “no, we have a reservation and who knows if we would make it in traffic”. Chris was persistent and suggested that they may have some nice, new stuff and knowing Amanda and her love for shopping, she agreed to go. Chris ended up proposing inside the Art Shoppe. They finished their night with a dinner at the CN Tower. When they got home, the entire house was lit up with candles from top to bottom. This was done by Chris’ best friend and their best man (Jordan). Both he and his wife did the house and were on stand-by for when they arrived back home. Funny, cause Chris assisted in Jordan’s proposal as well 🙂

Here they are today and they could not have asked for anything better in their lives.

Bridal gown and accessories:  Bea Shawn Bridal Brampton (905) 457-3363
Bridesmaid dressed and attire: Valentina Bridal Waterloo On (519) 745-0652
Cake: The Cake box kitchener , Yvonne Zensner (519) 579-6230
Decor & Flowers: Special Events and Flowers Cambridge, On (519) 653-8068
Limo: Brentwood Livery KItchener, On (519) 741-5700
D.J: Flashpoint Productions, Kitchener 1-800-268-1712
Ceremony: Casa Loma, Toronto On (416) 923-1171
Reception: OCC (Oakville Conference Centre) (905) 618-7580 Arlene Sebastian
Invitations: Save the date magnets- Magnet Street
Hair:  Essence Salon & Spa (519) 650-1415
MAC Make up artist: Jennyfer Zuber (519) 807-6115


Make sure you go to my Facebook Page to check out the rest of their photos!