Carmens Hamilton Wedding :: Erica + Lee

Hey Gang,

Well you you know how much I love this couple from my last post so I wont get into it again! *wink*  Lets jump right in to how this beautiful couple met!

Lee and Erica met in 1997 when they were in highschool. They went to different schools but that was “back in the day” when country style was a popular hang out! Lee was there with his friends on a regular basis when Erica started to meet up with a girlfriend a couple nights a week for coffee. That went on for about a year or so until she got busy with part time jobs and life. They didn’t talk too much at that time but Lee has a couple of good friends that are also good friends of Erica’s so she always heard little things about him over the years.

Fast forward to 2008, Erica was living on her own with her almost 5yr old son. Every year she and her girlfriends threw a corny hawaiian party where they would wear awful accessories and have a few cocktails (I am secretly hoping they invite ME to the next one!! *LOL*). This particular year Lee showed up to join in the fun. They began talking about knowing each other in the past and their lives at that point. Erica’s son was at this party and immediately he and Lee talked, joked and their connection began. They all met up a couple of weeks later again for the famous Riverside fireworks and the rest is history, as they say! Erica counts herself a lucky girl, having a guy like Lee, who dove into this relationship with open arms and not only brought her into his life but also a 5yr old boy who he has right from the beginning treated like his own. I’d have to say, Lee doesn’t have a pretty bad deal himself! *wink* So that is their beginning! As Erica says, no crazy story just your typical “boy meets girl and they fall in love”.


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Flower: The Flower Market 519-740-1802
Reception: Carmen’s Banquet Hall 905-387-9490
Hair Salon: Halo 519-621-1005
Shoes: Urban Bride 519-722-9206
Dress: La Creme 519-763-2011
Limo: Celebrity Limo 905-389-5466
DJ:Allnighter DJ Adam Sarabando 519-624-4273