Cambridge Oriental Club Wedding :: Priscilla + Mike

Hey Gang,

Lets me just start of by saying I LOVE THESE GUYS!! OK, got it out of the way! *wink*  It’s obvious too that Im not the only one! All day long everyone was commenting one how beautiful they both look and how perfect they are for each other.  Like all summer long “they” were calling for rain and they were actually right this time! We got lucky though and were able to get all our shots in down to the last second, no jokes! *wink*  Big ups to everyone involved in the day especially to Joe Resendes from Classic Catering & Events and Jennifer and Arthur from Tiny Cakes for the AMAZING Food and desert….YES, I did partake *wink*  Lets get right into this amazing couple’s love story!

Here is the story of how Mike found Priscilla. One afternoon Mike and his friend Kevin were on facebook checking out their newsfeed. As kevin was scrolling down Mike noticed this girl that caught his eye. He asked kevin who is that girl? and Kevin responded back, ” that is my little cousin Priscilla… and NO Mike don’t even think about it.” So, Mike dropped it but made a note in his mind to remember her name. The moment Kevin left ( I mean literally the moment he left) Mike ran upstairs to put in a friend request for Priscilla Silva.
That same evening, Priscilla logged onto her facebook and noticed that a “Mike Inacio” would like to be friends with her. She was a little hesitant at first adding some random guy she did not know but something in the back of her mind was telling her to go for it and just do it. So priscilla accepted. About 30 minutes later, Priscilla got a message from Mike Inacio saying ” hey whats up?” So she responded back “Hey!”… 2 hours later… The two exchanged phone numbers. The next day they were talking on the phone setting up a time and place to meet up in person. Since that very day they met in person, they have not been apart since.
About a year and a half later…
On September 15th 2010, Priscilla recieved a phone call from Mike telling her that he has the night off work, that she should come over and watch a movie and just hang out. So Priscilla drove over to Mike’s after work. As she walked into the house Mike greeted her with a warm hug and was overly affectionate towards her. She asked if everything was ok? and he says “of course, I’m just happy to be home on a thursday night with you. I thought it would be nice if the both of us took a nice bubble bath together than go watch a movie, you’ve had a long week you deserve it.” So priscilla walked upstairs towards the bathroom and she smelled the lavender, as she opened the door there were candles scattered all around and lots of overflowing bubbles in the bath. Priscilla thought that was very sweet so they both jump in and Mike offered to give Priscilla a back massage, so as priscilla turns around towards the wall, Mike floats her a little turtle and says, ” this is for you, I thought it was cute because you always call me your little turtle.” Priscilla smiled and as she grabbed the turlte she turned it over to find a ring attached to the bottom. She looked at Mike with a “whats this?” look on her face and Mike then asked, ” will you marry me?” Priscilla than began to cry and said “YES!” right away. Now almost two years later, they are finally married.  🙂


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Wedding Venue: Oriental Club of Cambridge

Catering by Classic Catering

Decore by Enchanted Decor

Flowers by Gifted Flowers and Gifts

Wedding dress from Balletts Brida

Wedding Cake by Tiny Cakes

Hair and make up by Wispers Day Spa

Music by DJ Adam Serabano 519-624-4273

Limo service by VIP Limos