Cambridge Mill Wedding :: Kathy+Jason

Hey Gang!
Kathy & Jason officially became MR & MRS at the Cambridge Mill on a beautiful Winter wedding day. The snow was crisp and white, the skies were overcast and this amazing couple was willing to brave the cold for some beautiful wintery shots – I can’t ask for more!! There were tears of joy, laughter, amazing food and some serious dance skills on the dance floor *lol*

Their love story began as many modern day couples do today! Jay and Kathy met in 2004 on an online dating site. The very first conversation (via MSN Messenger) lasted hours and before they knew it, it was 5am and they both had to work in the morning. Soon the online chats lead to phone conversations (definitely no texting because at that time Jay was very against the idea of cellphones – oh how times have changed *lol*). It didn’t take long before Jay asked Kathy out for a date. Kathy had never met anyone from a dating website so she made excuses and put it off. The more they talked the more they knew they had to meet, and yet it still hadn’t happened. Eventually it had already been 2 months, Jay laid his cards on the table and said enough stalling let’s do this. Kathy agreed and the date was set! The plan was to meet at Tim Horton’s (nice and public to ensure neither was a serial killer *lol*). And from there dinner and a movie. Jay was the first to arrive, and Kathy drove by the Tim Hortons 3 or 4 times, sick to her stomach because she was so nervous. Eventually she got up the nerve and pulled into the parking lot. Heart pounding, palms sweating, Kathy walked in. She spotted Jay right away (and he spotted her smile and bright blue eyes). It was the most awkward conversation as neither of them could look at each other because both were so nervous. The pair was pleasantly surprised with each other and said something to the effect of “pictures don’t do you justice”. After the “not a psycho” waiting period was over, the two decided to continue with the date and headed to Moose Winooskis/Sports World for some Mini Golf followed by dinner at Kelsey’s. Kathy had never mini golfed before so Jay made sure to show her the ropes and show off a bit *lol*. The two of them got along great with plenty of flirtation. Kathy had warned Jay prior to meeting “I don’t kiss on the first date” … Jay however wanted to prove Kathy wrong. Various attempts were made throughout the day and he was shot down with a cheek. The two went on to dinner and again the conversation just flowed easily and naturally. After dinner they headed to see “Fahrenheit 9/11” which they had talked about seeing for weeks. Little did Jay know this was now Kathy’s 3rd time seeing it because she could not wait (it wasn’t until years later that Kathy admitted this to Jay). And as predicted, Jay was successful at getting that kiss just as the theater lights dimmed and the previews started. Once the movie was done Jay had to head to work for a night shift. What Kathy didn’t know is he really wanted to call in and skip work because he didn’t want the night to end. When the movie was done, the pair spent some more time talking and Jay mentioned he had something for Kathy. At that time Jay presented Kathy with a DVD and said “I didn’t just bring you roses, I brought you Guns N Roses” and handed Kathy the DVD of Guns N Roses greatest hits/music videos – It was Jay’s favourite band which he often raved about and Kathy had never heard of them (since she was a typical Cambridge girl raised on Euro, dance, and Top 40 music). Once the two said goodnight (and yes more kissing), Jay was off to work and Kathy headed home. The next day, Jay immediately messaged Kathy on MSN to say what a great time he had. Plans were then made to meet again the next day. After a few more dates, they decided to become exclusive and the rest as they say is history. What many friends/family members did not know until recently was the true story of how these two met; for years “at a party” was the go-to response because saying “online” was too taboo. *wink*

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