Blink :: Courtney+Tom

Hey Gang!

This past weekend I was at the Cambridge Mill for another amazing wedding! Being a part of a couple’s wedding is more than just having a good time with incredible people. It is being invited into something sacred, something so amazing and unique…something that you don’t just let a stranger into. And yet with every wedding I shoot, there I am – the only non-relative or non-childhood friend, welcomed to experience a once in a lifetime family event. Every couple is different, every family unique, every wedding is amazing and this weekend was no different.

The moment I chose to share is during Courtney’s dad’s speech. Courtney’s dad spent a good portion of his childhood in Papua New Guinea, so it was only fitting that he do his speech in….Pidgin!! Courtney’s dad shared that the custom in Papua New Guinea is for the groom to give the bride’s father a dozen chickens in exchange for his daughter’s hand in marriage- what a bargain *wink*! At the moment this photo was taken, he reminded his new son in law that he was still waiting on him to fork over his chickens!! I love the genuine expressions in this image, am so happy it was captured for this wonderful family and am eternally grateful that Courtney’s Dad translated, as Pidgin is not my strength *lol*

The moments that I get to witness and capture are so special, because they belong to these two people and their family and friends… that kinda makes me “family” by default, right? *wink* In all seriousness, I am truly blessed to be in a room with such amazing people week after week, taking in all of their old and new memories…because as they say, “BLINK and the moment is gone”