Cambridge Mill Wedding :: Madeline + Reuben

Hey Gang,

First off thank you to all of you who nominated us for this years reader’s choice award for best photography studio, Im so honoured!


Now back to business! *wink*  Im so excited to be showing all of you Madeline and Reuben’s wedding day, even though they were calling for rain (AGAIN) all day everything worked out perfectly and the day was brilliant just like this wedding!

She Says: The very first time she noticed Reuben was way back in the summer of grade 9. They were both at Silver Lake Camp. He was still “Ben” at the time (Reuben started going by his full name in grade 10). She knew “Ben” through friends of her in her cabin who went to the same church as him, but they never talked. She was not interested in boys at all and Reuben was off having a (very) brief and innocent “camp relationship”. Fast forward two years later. She’d remained good friends with those girls in her cabin (Christina and Caitie); in fact, they went to the same high school, Rockway. Since it is a very small high school, the rumour mill was buzzing about a new guy entering her grade. Christina and Caitie had told her all about this “farm boy” who they knew from church. She was intrigued. The first day of school came and she formally met Reuben for the first time. It would be nice to say that sparks flew and time slowed, but that’s not true. Even though she thought he was very cute, she figured “meh, he’s probably not that into me”. A couple months went by and she started to notice Reuben more and more. He was funny and kind, but in a quiet sort of way. After awhile she noticed that she’d catch Reuben looking at her and they’d started having shy, awkward conversations. On Reuben’s birthday, they went to the Mongolian Grill for a school trip and it was hard not to notice that they obviously liked each other. Their mutual friends passed messages, and it was officially known that they liked each other. A week later, Reuben asked her if she would be at the school play. She shyly answered, “yes” and they ended up sitting next to each other. At this point it was very difficult to know how to proceed. As they walked out of the gym for intermission, she worked up the courage to say “So… I know your secret”. The next day they went bowling with a group of friends. They often laugh about how their relationship began with this exchange: Reuben: So… are we a couple now? Madeline: Yeah

The Proposal It all happened on a random Wednesday evening, September 7, 2011. According to Reuben, he woke up that morning with the thoughts of a terrible dream in his head. He dreamed that she had left him for someone else, and was so shaken up about it, he called her multiple times that morning. He walked up the stairs into the kitchen and announced to his mom, “That’s it, I’m going to marry the girl”. Reuben spent the whole afternoon searching for the perfect ring. He went to a few places that had beautiful rings, but none of them would be ready that day. Finally he found a jeweler that could give him a ring to walk out of the store with. Reuben called Madeline and said, “Let’s go for dinner some place special tonight, what about Del Dente’s?” (her favourite restaurant). She happily agreed and they had a wonderful dinner. She noticed that Reuben was extra chatty that night but chalked it up to one of his hyper moods. They left the restaurant and Reuben told her that he wanted to stop by his place to pick up some things. As they were driving down his road he told her that he wanted to go back to the farm pasture to check on a calf. Thinking back on it now, she’s not sure why she thought this was normal, but she went with it. Reuben drove all the way back to a very special area of Musselman woods. It’s a high point with a little bench where you have a fantastic view of the countryside. They’ve always loved this spot, and always kind of hoped he would propose there. They got out of the truck, walked over to the bench where Reuben got on one knee. He said some beautiful things and asked her to marry him. She said yes and their engagement began!


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