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Hey Gang,

Welcome to our first addition of Vendor LOVE! This is where we share our experiences and thoughts about particular vendors that we’ve worked with and have had a great relationship with. The Cambridge Mill Restaurant, located in the downtown core of Cambridge (Galt), is perfectly situated along the river directly across from Mill Race Park. This restaurant is designed to provide an intimate dining experience for weddings and other celebratory events. Just like us, the Cambridge mill believes in providing clients with outstanding quality and service. Word-of-mouth marketing from past clients and guests is all this place needs. I can speak both as a vendor and as a guest that the food and service at the Cambridge Mill is impeccable and truly 5-star! Recently having undergone a 5.5 million dollar renovation, the Cambridge Mill features a two-story solarium overlooking the Grand River. The new and improved first, second and third floor can accommodate 85, 140 and 180 people respectively. Additionally, the patio can seat 100 people and features a retractable canopy. So, regardless of the weather, guests will enjoy your outdoor nuptials. Lastly, the fourth floor is used for more intimate parties or business meetings and seats anywhere from 14 to 24 people. I thought it was so wonderful that the special event rooms were named after Cambridge’s three communities: Galt, Hespeler and Preston. It is great that they’ve maintain that sense of community within one of Cambridge’s most recognizable landmarks.

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