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Hey Gang!
One thing we never want to be called when it comes to wedding photography is “creatures of habit” .  Never shoot a wedding the same way twice, never get stuck in a blogging rut and never settle for what is comfortable.  Earlier this year, my partner and I sat down to discuss what it was that we loved about what we do.  We both agreed that it was watching and capturing our couples experienced the day, rather than how we could make the day into a production of posed moments.  That got us thinking, what was it about the wedding day that stood out to our couples? What were THEIR favourite moments, after all the wedding day is about them and so should the story we tell.  So we decided to ask them and then post the photos that told their story, from their perspective.

This is what Katie and Glenn had to say when they answered three seemingly simple questions about their gorgeous Cambridge Mill wedding day…

He said…

When I first saw her in her wedding dress…I  was literally speechless. I didn’t think anyone could be so perfect

 My favourite moment
was watching Katie walk down the aisle. At that moment everything around me seemed to disappear but her and our favourite song that played as she walked down the aisle. Now every time I hear that song it immediately brings me back to that exact moment.

Something that happened that I didn’t expectEveryone told us the day would go by so fast that you would almost miss it. But Katie and I made sure that every chance we got we took everything in and spent time together. It actually felt like we got an opportunity to take everything in and got a chance to spend time with everyone and make the most of the day. We didn’t expect to feel that way. It was perfect.

She said: 

When I first saw him all dressed up….I thought he looked hotter than Ryan Gosling and sharper in his suit than Barney Stinson.

My favourite moment…was when we shared our vows just to each other during our first look before the ceremony. We both knew we had a lot of things we wanted to say to each other but were nervous about sharing them in front of so many people so we decided to write long and short versions of our vows and exchange the long versions during our first-look and the short version during the ceremony. I’m so glad we did because it was my favourite moment of the day. I sobbed my way through them but his words were perfect and meant so much to me. I’m so glad we had that moment with just each other. 

Something that happened that I didn’t expect…was to see all our family and friends tear up the dance floor. I think everyone got up and busted a move at some point in the night and I am so happy that they did. It was a blast!

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