BLINK :: Donna+Dave

Hey Gang!

When you get married, you vow “To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, and in good times and in bad.” I’m not sure there is any simpler way to honour those vows than to feel the warmth of the person you love when their hand is holding yours. It is support, love, and togetherness expressed physically.

In the beginning it feels like there is so much time ahead of you, a marriage is a lifetime after all, right? And while that is true, time passes so quickly and before you know it, those hands are slightly more wrinkled and their grip less strong than the day you promised “To have and to hold”. What doesn’t change though is the love that holds those hands together, that just gets stronger. It always gets me when I see a couple that has been married for years take their partner’s hand…it is such a sweet sign of their continued commitment to each other.
I loved these moments as soon as I captured them at Donna and David’s wedding. Seeing both of their parents holding each other’s hands at the ceremony was such a wonderful symbol of the love they promised to each other at their own wedding day years before.
The day you get married goes by so quickly, but I think most would argue that the years zip by just as fast. Enjoy every moment and hold hands every chance you get…because you *blink* and the years have flown by.

More to come from this amazing couple’s wedding. Stay tuned!