Cambridge Mill Wedding :: Christina+Mike

Hey Gang!

We often get emails and personal messages on Facebook from people who read our *Blink* series. It isn’t uncommon for us to hear from others that a particular *blink* hit a cord and resonated with someone, moving them to tears. Now, it isn’t our goal to make y’all cry!! *lol* But that’s what some photos can do to us…they bring us back to the moment, reliving all the thoughts and emotions that were experienced as it was happening.

It isn’t all about the moments that bring tears to our eyes. Throughout a wedding day we experience a whole gamut of emotions and they’re all equally important to be present for. We tell our couples all the time “Enjoy your day..relax..take everything in” but the truth is, sometimes that goes in one ear and out the other. And understandably so! Look at the importance of the day and everything that there is to consider. We know how easy it is to get swept from waking up in the morning to whatever is supposed to happen next, or in an hour, or after the ceremony, etc. But we also know that a day that is taken in..moment to a day that is truly experienced.

Now, look at the photo below from Christina & Mike’s wedding. Does that look like a bride who was preoccupied? Or does that look like someone who was totally present and enjoying every moment..even when it is as silly as her bridesmaid putting on deordourant! *lol* The thing is, it doesn’t have to be a highly emotional moment to be worth remembering. If it is part of your day, if it is a page in your wedding story, then it deserves your presence. Funny, silly, happy or sad…it will all go by in a *blink*. Take it in and it will be yours to remember forever.

Come back soon for more from their beautiful wedding day!