Cambridge Mill :: Carolina+Dominik

Hey Gang,

Im guessing after last week’s BLINK with this amazing couple everyone is dying to see the rest.  I know I’ve said it time and time again but I really love it when my couples’ ignore me! *LOL*.  I know how that sounds but what Im trying to get at is couples will always remember their day (a time that will never happen again) when their not posing all day but instead living the moment.  We always hear “live in the moment” but how many of us really get to?  Well by judging from these photos I think its a safe bet that Carolina & Dominik did!   So before they met, Carolina went for a job interview at Dominik’s place of employment. The first day on the job she had the pleasure of meeting Dominik and it was pretty much love at first sight. They soon realized that they went to the same university as well and realized their LOVE for coffee (definitely one of my couples) *wink*. After getting to know each other over many many cappuccinos and study dates, they decided they were right for each other! Luckily their boss was pretty cool, so cool that she even went to their wedding!  Goto my Facebook to see the rest of their photos!


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