BLINK :: Vicky+Adam

Hey Gang!

Many brides and grooms plan for their “Perfect Day” and while hours are spent on the details, things don’t always go as planned. I like to look at the wedding day as “perfectly imperfect” *wink*. Sometimes it is the weather and other times, even though you told your Aunt that the wedding starts at 1pm (providing the half hour buffer because it actually starts at 1:30), she comes in like a tornado at 1:45 *lol*.

Many things don’t go as planned on a wedding day… and with kids, you never know what will happen! They’re fun, unpredictable, uncensored and innocent – there’s nothing quite like the nature of a child.

I loved this moment at Vicky & Adam’s wedding. I imagine that on a daily basis these two little ones are reminded to “clean up after yourself”. And if they’re like most kids, more often than not they don’t *lol*. But on this particular day, with the rose petals laying “perfectly” down the aisle, they decided that the aisle would look much more tidy without all that “mess”! So, off they went to clean up – picking up each petal one by one. They were careful not to disturb anyone, but as many of us know, cleaning is hard work and isn’t always the quietest of activities *wink*. So important it was to clean up, that they pushed through despite the hushes and discouragement from their parents.

I love kids and I feel like we should all be a little more like them. Now, I’m not suggesting you bring a mini hoover to your next wedding *lol*, but that innocence is just so sweet! And I think we can all agree that once we reach a certain age…*blink*…we lose it and we become a more censored version of our former tiny selves. Capturing a moment like this freezes that innocence in time.

Perfectly imperfect….the day did not necessarily go exactly as planned, but it was beautiful, the couple got married and the memories are there to last a lifetime.

Come back next week to see more from Vicky & Adam’s memorable day!