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Hey Gang!

For some brides, they’ve been thinking about their wedding day for years…and for others, they didn’t think they’d be getting married in a million years *lol*. But one thing is for certain, the women in their life have been thinking about it since the day they were born.

There is something very special between the women & girls in a family. I could never understand it, after all, I’m not part of the club *lol* But just from observation, the bond is quite unique. There is laughter and advice…tears and understanding…love and a certain element of friendship. If a man or boy enters, voices become hushed or hysterical laughter ensues. It is a relationship like no other…and it is so much fun to see on a wedding day!

The morning of the wedding comes faster than seems possible. All of the women that helped form the person that the bride has become are there as she gets ready. They’re there to celebrate and they’re there to see all of the dreams they had for that little girl come true.

Seeing the reaction of the women in Mary’s life once she was laced up into her gown was absolutely amazing. You can literally see the joy in their eyes as they celebrate in realizing that all they could hope for her up to this point is now a reality. This baby they held, the girl they comforted, the teenager they shook their heads at, and the adult they now hold a friendship with is about to start her life with a wonderful man.

They’ll be together again, laughing and joking, doing the things they always do. But this particular moment will never happen again. This is the one time she will get married, surrounded by everyone she loves…and I’m so glad I could catch this before it was gone in a *blink*.

Come back soon for more from their beautiful day.

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