BLINK :: Kathy+Jason

Hey Gang,

There’s so much that goes into being a great parent and as a parent you want nothing more than see your children succeed.  When I look at this photo, I’m reminded of an article I once read about fatherhood.  It discussed the fact that often times, fathers are forgotten.  Typically, the focus is on mothers and their bonds with their children and little to no mention is made on how fathers can nourish their relationships with them as well.  Most perceive fatherhood as an accident, an outcome of sex, willing to take their chances for the purpose of ‘getting some’. When it happens, the men who take responsibility for that outcome are applauded for ‘stepping up to the plate’.  I understand that many people don’t feel this way but it’s interesting how our media’s portrayal of fathers consists of movies like ‘3 Men and a Baby’ and their struggling antics or the comical situation when a man dresses up as a nanny.  But there are some men just like “Mrs. Doubtfire” that will go as far as it takes to be with their kids, to protect them, guide them and be there to always support them.  While Jason’s father was helping him with his suit he suddenly said “This reminds me of all the early morning hockey games when I would help you get dressed”.   The things we do for our children are examples of our love. We know one day that they will grow up and eventually start their own lives, but until then we cherish all the Blinks along the way.