Cambridge Mill Wedding :: Mary+Mike

Hey Gang!

Mary and Mike had the perfect Fall wedding day. At one point while we were taking photos and a huge gust of wind came in blowing all of these gorgeous yellow leaves around them and their bridal party. I wish I had that kind of power on every wedding day…”Cue Leaves!!” *lol*

As it turns out, this sweet couple met during the fall at the University of Waterloo through mutual friends. From that day Mary knew that she would mar-ry him and she even told her mom!! But even better is that Mary had an eye out for him well before that in high school. They went to different high schools but Mike was taking a course at Mary’s and she just remembers thinking he was the cute guy in a different uniform. They quickly became close friends and after a couple of years, their friendship developed into love and they naturally started dating. After just about a year of dating, Mike was going to school in the US, 9 hours away, and they knew their relationship was about to face the ultimate test. Their four-year long-distance relationship was tough but they made the best and the most of it. Many late night calls that lasted hours, weekend road trips and visits, Christmas and summer breaks to look forward to and they survived!!! After eleven years of being best friends and dating for eight and a half of those, here they are today and it’s just the beginning…

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