Blink :: Carolina+Dominik

Hey Gang!

We all come into this world the same way…crying. We’re hungry and confused and we’re left wondering “what the heck is this new world and why am I so freakin cold!!?” We cry when we’re sad and heartbroken, we cry when we miss someone and we cry when we’re so overwhelmed that there just doesn’t seem like a better option than to release the waterworks. And in the end, sometimes after a good cry we feel better.

We also cry when someone tells a joke so funny, laughter morphs and you find yourself wiping tears from your eyes. There isn’t anything better than that hearty laugh followed by the blurry vision from tears. In that moment it feels so good to laugh..and cry.

But the best kind of tears come from pure joy. They come from a place of complete and utter happiness. A place of being thankful for the moment that surrounds you and the person that made it possible. It’s like our body decided that smiling wasn’t enough and threw in some tears to be the “cherry on top”. When I look at Carolina in this moment, I see pure bliss. I see a woman that wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but there, standing in front of her new husband. Carolina & Dominik will experience all kinds of tears in their lifetime. They’ll wipe each other’s tears away after a bad day, kiss away their children’s tears when they scrap their knees and they’ll celebrate with tears of joy in all of life’s amazing moments. Moments like this one, on their wedding day, can only be lived once. That is the reason I do what I do; capture moments so that they’re there for them to look back on. The photo is forever, but the moment was here one day and *Blink*…gone the next.