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Hey Gang!

With all the excitement that surrounds a wedding, it is easy to lose sight of how you got there. There are so many things to consider for that big day, but without that 4-word question, those details would cease to exist.

Will you marry me? It seems like a simple question, but it is loaded with an incredible amount of significance. “Will you marry me?” isn’t just about him “Liking it and putting a ring on it” or getting to watch grandma do ‘gangnam style” at your reception. Those 4 words mean so much more. They are a statement as much as they are a question; expressing to the other person that waking up next to each other’s bed head, touching feet under the sheets, and holding hands every chance you get are a daily “must”.

I always love hearing my couples’ proposal stories! Every one of them is so unique to who they are as a couple. But as different as every story is, at the end of the day, the message is the same…”I love you…I choose you…Forever wouldn’t be the same without you.”

At Tanya & Matt’s wedding, I didn’t just capture their big day….I caught a proposal as it was unfolding!! Ok, ok…so maybe these two still have a few years before their big day, *lol*, but who knows..maybe that moment was a little foreshadowing into their future *wink*

During an engagement session, I always tell my couples that as much as their wedding is a ‘once in a lifetime’ kind of event, so is their engagement! The same can be said for a proposal. One moment you’re boyfriend and girlfriend and *blink* you’re engaged! What I wish for all of my couples is that everyday they live as husband and wife, they remember why one of them asked that 4-word question…and all of the reasons the other person said “Yes”.