Cambridge Family Photography: Tiffany + Nick + Brodie

Hey Gang,

I can’t believe it’s been five years ago that I photographed Tiffany and Nick’s wedding day, time really does fly.  Good for me that my couples keep me young. Its just like the saying goes “Im not getting older Im just getting better” *wink*  So when Tiffany called me up and told me that they were missing me and they needed some “Bassem-Lovin” especially with their new family member I couldn’t be more excited.  Words can’t explain how much I LOVE documenting my couples as parents with their kids.  But what really got my heart pumping was when Tiff asked if I could photograph her family like I did on their wedding day, more natural, no posy-posy, capturing the real moments?  I thought about it for .0000000000000001 sec and said HELL YES!! Are you kidding me?  Thats all I want to do is capture my families just like I document my couples’ wedding day.  I’ve probably said this a thousand times but our favourite shots of the kids are when they just playing around not aware of the camera, just being kids!   Go check out my Facebook to see the rest! *wink*