Cambridge Engagement Session :: Ashleigh+Massimo

Hey Gang!

We spent a lovely evening downtown Galt in Cambridge Ontario photographing Ashley & Massimo a few weeks back for their engagement session. After being rained out on our first attempt, we were SO happy to have gorgeous weather! They were coming off a family wedding as Ashleigh’s brother was married the day before – so we have to give it up to them! They did amazing and did it on little sleep!!

Ashleigh & Massimo were both pretty laid back about the location of their engagement session, so we met in Galt and went for a walk, stopping at cool spots along the way. Cambridge has many beautiful options for photos. With the Grand River running right through it, there are tons of opportunities for romantic and scenic backdrops.

What we really loved about this shoot was the fact that Ashleigh & Massimo took it as an evening to connect with each other. They forgot about everyone around them, weren’t consumed with what a passerby might have thought and focused on each other. When a couple can do that, THAT is when magic happens!!

From the moment we met these guys, we knew that our personalities with theirs was a perfect fit. Spending more time with them during their engagement session solidified that. At the end of the day, a good fit/connection between a couple and their photographer is super important. We really had so much fun with them and can’t wait until we can all hang out again.

Ashleigh & Massimo, thank you for choosing us to be such a special part of your wedding day! We are SO excited to party with you and your guests – it’s going to be an AWESOME day!

Check out the photos below to see moments from Ashleigh & Massimo’s engagement session and for more, visit our Facebook Page to see more photos from this Cambridge Wedding Photographer!


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October 11, 2016, Engagement

Hey, Everyone!

A few weeks back, we spent a beautiful evening in downtown Galt in Cambridge Ontario with Massimo & Ashley for their engagement session.  Ashley & Massimo both were just coming off a family wedding ceremony as the wedding reception of Ashleigh’s brother was the day before. Therefore, we have to give it up to them; they did wonderfully, and the did it on little sleep.

Ashleigh & Massimo were both pretty relaxed about the whereabouts of their engagement session such as location etc., so we met them both in Galt and went for a walk, and we stopped by at cool spots alongside the way. Cambridge in Ontario has several attractive options for wedding photography.

With the Grand River running right from side to side it, there are lots of chances for scenic as well as romantic backdrops. What we truly loved about their shoot was the detail that Massimo & Ashleigh took it for an evening to bond with each other.

The lovely couple forgot about each person nearby them, and they were not obsessive with what a person is walking by might have assumed, and they just focused on each other. And magic happens whenever a couple does that.

From the instant we met both of them, we knew that our natures with theirs were a picture-perfect fit. Spending a lot more time with them for the period of their engagement session coagulated that. At the completion of their shoot, a real connection between a couple as well as between their Kitchener wedding photographer is super important. We really had so much fun, and enjoyment with them and now can’t wait until we can all hang out again with this super hot couple.

Engagement Session of Ashleigh & Massimo:


We can’t wait for their wedding ceremony to capture excellent wedding photos in the beautiful wedding dress, wedding shoes of bride & groom. Their wedding photography will be going to be a great experience for Kitchener wedding photographer.

We are thankful to the couple for having us on this ceremony. It is one of the best ceremonies that we have attended in Kitchener. We hope that in the future we will meet such amazing couples that will enhance our experience of wedding photography even more. We are also available for the amazing wedding photography in Toronto as well.