Cambridge Armenian Club Wedding :: Ashley+Paul-Michael

Hey Gang!

Today we have Ashley and Paul-Michael’s amazing wedding!! It was such a beautiful day filled with so many meaningful details and moments..and let’s face it, I am a sap when it comes to anything sentimental! *lol*

Ashley and Paul-Michael met when they were 13 years old through a few mutual friends. They liked eachother enough to start “dating”, which, literally consisted of talking on the phone nightly about nothing. For Ashley’s 13th birthday Paul-Michael came to her birthday party and brought her a purple rose. That colour would be a theme that carried on through their relationship, including THEIR WEDDING COLOURS!

After they decided to break up and end the intense love affair (haha!) they spent the better part of the decade not seeing eachother around, only catching up from time to time, but really keeping eachother at arm’s length. In 2009 they were reintroduced by a different group of mutual friends and bonded over a sense of humour neither of them was aware they shared, some good rock tunes and Ashley assisting Paul-Michael in finding a new job! (They drove all around the city together for hours and this helped develop a solid friendship)

One day, Paul-Michael manned up and planted a big one on Ashley, while they were sitting in her car, in the rain, listening to music and just venting about life. From there, things just CLICKED and they were soon inseparable. They solidified their relationship through some unconventional means that included (but were not limited to) a portrait of a face on a pumpkin with no details spared and an early date involved a fun and adventurous evening in Niagara falls that would later be the setting for the proposal.  Big thanks to Crystal Cox for doing such an AMAZING job with Ashley’s Makeup!!

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