BLINK :: Mia+Geoff

Hey Gang!
Siblings are the people that make growing up interesting, in both good and frustrating ways *lol*.  There will always be the older sibling that thinks they’re smarter, cooler and overall just better because they graced the earth with their presence before you did!  They will hang out with their younger sibling at their convenience, on their terms and if you don’t follow their rules, they’ll just move on to find something more interesting to do…without you.  But the perks outweigh the frustrations.  Having an older sibling means there is always someone around.  Whether it is family vacations or just a night in, it is nice to have someone who is relatively close in age to relate to when mom and dad are being “totally unreasonable”.  They are  also someone who will protect you.  They can call you every name in the book and torment you, but watch out if someone else tries to do the same!! *lol*
I loved this moment between Mia and her big brother.  I see fathers & their daughters dance all the time at weddings so I thought it was super special that a part of that song was set aside for the bride and her brother.  All the years of teasing, of annoyances, of happy memories and fun times are part of the foundation of their relationship with each other….and all of it has lead up to this moment, when they share a dance.  The best part is that their relationship has likely changed; the less desirable parts have nearly disappeared (although, I’m sure her big brother still claims he’s superior from time to time *lol*), and at the same time, she will always have him to protect her.
Starting  as a relationship out of obligation, it becomes one of choice.  Choosing to be friends not because they’re siblings and they “have to be” but because that little sister isn’t so bad after all….. and the big brother IS as cool as you’ve always thought him to be.  It all seems to occur in a *blink*….