Burlington Convention Center Wedding :: Mia+Geoff

Hey Gang!

Mia & Geoff had a gorgeous Winter wedding. The weather was on their side as we just got a beautiful dusting of snow on their big day…and to top it off, they were SUCH troopers to hang out in the cold while I took photos of them in my winter jacket *lol*. They’re both such sweet, easy going people and it was such a wonderful experience getting to know them and sharing in one of the most important days of their life together. It’s crazy to think that these two, who do everything together, almost didn’t meet….

Mia & Geoff were both working at the same bank – but in different locations. Geoff was working in North York, and Mia was working downtown Toronto. There was a colleague who worked in the same office as Mia who was retiring and her retirement party was being held in her office building. Since she didn’t know her very well, Mia did not plan on attending, but at the end if the day her friend asked her to stay late and go to the retirement party with her….luckily, Mia reluctantly agreed *wink*

It happened to be that Geoff had worked many years ago with the colleague who was retiring and decided to make the trip downtown to congratulate her. Mia had never met Geoff before, and so their mutual friend introduced them. She was instantly attracted to Geoff and after exchanging “hellos” she pulled her friend aside and asked if he was single. To her disappointment, he wasn’t.

Meanwhile, the relationship Geoff was currently in, was coming to an end and while she was off asking her friend if Geoff was single, he was telling his other buddy that Mia was “cute”. Mia stayed for the retirement party and ending up sitting with Geoff and their mutual friends, talking all night. They were instant friends. It was so easy to talk to one another, joke back and forth, like they had known each other for years.

After that day, there were numerous emails exchanged back and forth at work. She could always count on an email from him when she got into the office with some sort of joke to make her laugh/smile to start the day. She remembers that she couldn’t (and still can’t) stop smiling around him. They exchanged jokes, stories, and life events through email and occassionally, would go for drinks after work to unwind . During these nights after work, Mia realized that what started out as a friendship – for her – was evolving into more serious feelings for him. During these same nights, he told her that his relationship with his girlfriend had ended.

They remained friends for the next while, hanging out after work, and then on weekends. After a few months they both knew that they had something special and made their relationship official! They discovered that if it wasn’t for their mutual colleague retiring, their paths never would have crossed. It was fate!

Fast forward to November 24th 2012 Geoff and Mia went hiking with her sister, a usual weekend activity. As they were posing for pictures at the top of the cliff, Geoff pulled out a ring, got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife…. and Mia hasn’t stopped smiling since!

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