BLINK :: Lauren+Ben

Hey Gang!

Imagine all of life’s greatest moments and you’ll realize that often times you are not alone. Whether it’s your best friend, your soul mate or your family, you have a permanent group of cheerleaders supporting you through thick and thin. There are times, though, when you come home from work to a quiet house. Sometimes people are working late, have plans or just haven’t made it home from the grocery store. And it seems just like murphy’s law when you’ve had a bad day and your main squeeze isn’t around to talk to or to lend a shoulder to cry on. You let out a big sigh, and suddenly you hear pitter-patter excitedly coming towards you. A smile comes across your face as you realize that someone IS home and is happy to see you. You reach down and pet your furry friend as they rub up against your leg and take in all of the scratching and petting you can give.

Anyone out there who is an animal lover knows that family and friends are amazing…but the unconditional love you get from your pet is totally unique. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a good mood or a sad mood, they’re always there with a wagging tail or a warm cuddle. I will never forget the story a friend once told me of her cat. When a family member had passed away, this cat, who always ate like it was his last meal, left his bowl full of food for days….nibbling only a little bit and then leaving the rest. It was like he was in solidarity with his human family, feeling their pain and the solemnness of those days.

The thing is, pets are family and some of our fondest memories include their presence. When I arrived at Lauren & Ben’s home to capture her getting ready, I came across two of the friendliest cats I have ever met. People joked that Lauren & Ben are “crazy cat people” *lol*, but I don’t blame them when they live with such sweet animals. The thing that got me is that while she got into her wedding gown, her two little furry family members wandered into the room and stayed with her. It was like they knew something special was going on.

Now, they are still cats *lol*…so as soon as they felt a little sleepy, *blink* and the moment was gone. They both went to find a comfy spot in the house and had a snooze. At the end of the day though, Lauren will always have this photo. Years from now, when she looks through her wedding photos, she’ll see all of the major things that happened in the day. Her dad seeing her for the first time, walking down the aisle, cake cutting, first dance….But she’ll also remember simple moments like this one of her “girls” watching her get ready to be married to the man she loves. After all, a wedding day isn’t just made up of those big moments but rather a culmination of everything – big, small, simple & complex…and that makes for a perfect day.

Come back soon for more from their beautiful day.