BLINK :: Katie+Glenn

Hey Gang!

One of the things we enjoy most about a wedding is hearing the unique stories that each of our couples’ families share. Truth is, it is why we decided to start the *Blink* series. There are so many beautiful memories and sentiments that we are honoured to witness and it’s what makes each Saturday different from the last.

On the day of her wedding, Katie shared with us a story about her grandmother who had passed away. When Katie was a little girl and at a family wedding, her grandmother urged her to go ahead and stick her finger in the icing of the wedding cake while no one was watching *lol*. Now, years later, she has a photo of that moment which she keeps near her bed to always remind her of that special moment with her grandmother.

As this photo was taken, Katie and her mother we talking about how her grandmother was there in spirit for her special day. They laughed together as they remembered the story about the wedding cake and joked that Katie should recreate the moment at her own wedding and steal some icing from the cupcakes *wink*.

Losing someone we love is extremely difficult and not having them physically present on such an important occasion like a wedding is heartbreaking. But looking back on the beautiful memories created with that person is truly the best way to honour them. We celebrate with the people we love, remember those we have lost and are grateful for every *blink* we’re blessed with.

Come back soon for more from their beautiful day.