BLINK :: Karolyn+Marco

Hey Gang!

We all know what it is like to live far away from someone you love. Whether it is a long distance relationship, sending your child off to their first year in University or College, or moving for work – distance sucks! Skype, long distance phone plans and Expedia sales become your best friends. The airport is the best & worst place in the whole world and frequent flyer miles don’t seem to collect fast enough.

On Karolyn & Marco’s wedding day, I learned that this had been the first time in 16 years that Marco’s immediate family (3 brothers & his parents) had all been together. 16 years!! Marco’s parents and brother live in Portugal, so the distance between them geographically is significant. It was hard to believe – when I saw his family it was like they had always been together….they didn’t skip a beat. But one thing that struck me was the emotion Marco’s father expressed that day. I get it, it is an amazing thing to see your son get married….it is a happy day and in the same breath, you wonder where the time has gone. This was different though. I could see the love and happiness Marco’s father had for his youngest son, having found the woman of his dreams and seeing him beaming from ear to ear. . But it was more than just that. There was a sense of appreciation for every moment, never once taking for granted the fact that there they were – the whole family together again.

I think great distances do that to people…it makes you realize that time together is not to be taken for granted. I hope that it won’t be 16 years before Marco’s family is together again. I am sure that even appreciating every moment didn’t help with that day flying by in a *blink*…but I hope that I captured for Marco & his family, the thing his father showed me that day; even when it comes to geography….love knows no limits.