Blink :: Julie+Marc

Hey Gang!

I’ve decided we’re changing things up this year. I always loved documenting moments, because I LOVE stories. As a child I would be captivated by the stories my father shared about his childhood back home. Being able to witness my couples’ connection with each other and their bond with their friends & families is amazing and I also get the honour of taking that beautiful experience and capturing it. I get to be a storyteller. There isn’t anything more fulfilling. So, this year, I’m making more of a point to share with you who the amazing people I get to spend my Saturdays with are. I want to tell their stories.

Sometimes it isn’t in what we say or the way we say things, but rather in the moments when we stop to take a breath or compose ourselves that we truly speak….that people actually hear us. In those moments they feel, not just hear, what we are saying.

I love this photo that was captured at the Cambridge Mill because it speaks volumes on its own. The way Julie is holding her heart, Marc with his hand on her lower back offering support and the emotion in her face. You can feel her sincerity. It was truly a beautiful moment. In those seconds of time, Julie spoke about her amazing family and the times her brothers would practice their wrestling moves on her *lol*. She expressed how much they had missed her father, who had passed away, but she knew with absolute conviction that he was there with them. She thanked her mom for all of her support, love, listening, patience and strength. And she expressed how much she appreciated everything she had done for her and her two brothers. I am honoured that Julie, Marc and their loving family shared their special day with me. And I am so thankful to have captured this precious day for everyone to experience in some way.

A wedding day passes so quickly, you always hear “everything was a blur”.  It’s my job to keep those memories alive and in focus… because as they say, “BLINK and the moment is gone”