Blink :: Claire+Kyle

Hey Gang!

Being asked to be in a wedding party is a big deal.  You’ve been asked to stand by someone as they make one of the biggest steps in their life.  Of all the friends and family they know, they thought you were worthy of such a role.  I can’t think of a more meaningful way to be told that you’re one of the closest people in their lives. Within the wedding party, though, there is a ranking of importance.  Many people often think that aside from the bride and groom, it is the maid of honour and best man that top the hierarchy.  Well, they’re wrong.  It isn’t the bridesmaids or groomsmen either. The most critical person in the wedding part is…………………….the ring bearer! *wink* There is a huge amount of pressure invovled in such a position.  A ring bearer is a fancy name for “Ring Security”.  He must guard and protect those rings with his life, and then there is the delicate walk down the aisle.  It is not a job for those that do not work well under pressure.

Claire & Kyle’s ring bearer rose to the challenge and as you can see from the look on his paparazzi’s faces, he conquered the task perfectly!  One day he’ll look back and remember the grueling hours of mental preparation involved and he’ll have to choose a ring bearer for his own wedding.  Having had experience, I’m sure he’ll be well prepared to appoint the next little boy up for the challenge!