BLINK :: April+George

Hey Gang!

Lori and I often talk about our work, the things we love about documenting a wedding day, capturing the unique connection between our couples and the sense of gratitude we have for being able to do what we LOVE.  Not a day goes by that we don’t count our lucky stars that the people we get to work with invite us into one of the most important days in their lives.  They trust us to capture every moment – the joy, the laughter and the love.  In turn, we take that trust and observe the entire day, every second, as an opportunity to catch what we call a “blink”; a slice of time, that when added up with every other second of the day, is a couple’s wedding story.  We know that every time we press our “pause” button and capture a blink we’ve taken a piece of history.

There are always countless images that we could select to feature as a couple’s *Blink*, but one always seems to stand out.  On our way home, we always ask the same question “so, what do you think the *Blink* was today?” and April & George’s wedding was no different.  Lori and I both couldn’t say it fast enough – it had to be the JUMP!  After walking down the aisle, just being pronounced husband and wife, George jumped up with the biggest smile on his face having realized that it was finally official…the only way we can describe it is pure JOY!!  It’s these unscripted moments that we believe in and love to give to our couples….Beacause looking at that photo, who wouldn’t want to press “Pause” on that feeling?

Come back soon for more from their beautiful day!