BLINK :: Vanessa+Adam

Hey Gang!

You hear it all the time “The wedding day will fly by, take it in!!” But what does that really mean? And how do you stop yourself from not “taking it in”? The day is so busy, with so many emotions on top of it all. It is so easy, and understandable that couples get lost it in all and wake up the next morning wondering where the last 24 hours went.

We always tell our couples that their wedding day is for them. We offer advice like having the bridesmaids/groomsmen take care of any minor mishaps and just enjoying the day themselves. But it goes further than that…we also tell our couples to be present. Thinking ahead to what’s next or worrying about everything working out ok, will not help in savouring each and every minute of the day. It is simple: If you’re not present, you can’t take anything in.

We love this moment of Vanessa just before she leaves the car to go into the church to meet her groom. She had a few brief seconds alone, and we can only imagine the excitement she was feeling. But most importantly…that is a bride who is truly embracing the moment, and she’ll remember all of the emotions and thoughts she had every time she looks at it.

Come back soon for more of their gorgeous day!!