Ashley + Kellen + me

Hey Gang,

What a great weekend! The sun came out at the right time for such an awesome couple!  So I met our wonderful couple last year and we totally hit it off from the get-go, rocked it out on their e-session and had fun along the way!  What I didn’t know was how long Ashley was blog stalking me?  During the reception Joey (one of the groomsmen) say to me ” do you know how long Ashley has been checking your work out?”  He tells me almost 5 years now and the two things she knew for sure was that she was going to marry Kellen and that I was going to photography it.  I gotta tell you that gave me a real warm feeling inside, how can you not be honored by such a gesture like this.  So when it came to our You+me it was very simple.  The message was “BASS THESE PHOTOS BETTER BE DARM AMAZING OR…..”