ASCOTT PARC EVENT CENTRE Wedding :: Tiffany+Darnell

Hey Gang!

Tiffany & Darnell’s wedding had us hopping all over the GTA – and we’re so glad we did.  From capturing both the bride & groom getting ready to their first look to shooting hoops on the Raptor’s practice court, we had a blast with everyone!  And how cool was it that we got to go to the Air Canada Centre for their wedding photos!?  The Raptor’s locker room? Their practice court?  Talk about once in a lifetime!!  We’re still talking about the fact that we got to “touch the Raptor’s balls”…”that’s what she said” *wink* *lol*

Here is how Tiffany & Darnell remember their beautiful day..

She said:

When I first saw him all dressed up…. It still felt surreal, like this wasn’t actually happening. I was ready to get the day started! So many fun things planned and I was pumped to get them started with D. I had never seen him in a bow tie before. His whole outfit was on point but that was the best part for me.

My favourite moment…every part of the ceremony. Laughing when he ran down the stairs when he came to get me from my dad. Hammering right through the box and having the nail fall out. Kneeling for prayer and thinking to myself, OMG, I’m never going to be able to get up in this dress. Having some of out friends sing, so lucky to have talented friends. Surprising everyone with our secret handshake at the end. The ceremony was just amazing.

Something that happened that I didn’t expect…I didn’t expect my new mother-in-law to present me with a can of swiss steak during her speech at the reception. She’s the swiss steak master and I’m super nervous about attempting to make it. I also didn’t expect to feel so genuinely loved from all the people around me. I received some to the warmest hugs and smiles from family and friends that day than ever before and I’ll never forget that feeling.

He said:

When I first saw her in her wedding dress…my heart skipped a beat. She was stunning and she was mine! I just wanted to cancel the photoshoot and immediately take her to the church to get married.

My favourite moment…Was exchanging vows at the church. It was a surreal out of body experience. I was thrilled to get through mine without any hiccups.

Something that happened that I didn’t expect …was to see my parents getting down and showing their moves on the dance floor. They don’t dance….but this was a special celebration!

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