BLINK :: Jen+Ty

Hey Gang!

The relationship between an aunt and her nieces & nephews is something very special. In a way, it is like being a parent but having full rights to being a best friend too. You can give all the advice you want, keep them up way past their bedtime, and earn the label “cool aunt”, all the while not having the major responsibilities that come along with being a parent – it is perfect *lol*

You are someone they can turn to, a listening ear when their parents are being “totally lame” and when there is a tub of ice cream and two spoons, you’re the best partner in crime!

Seeing Jen with her niece was heartwarming. You could just feel the connection these two had….and then when the speeches started, her sister talked about how Jen was like a second mother to her daughter, treating her like she was her own. That came as no surprise after watching them together. I’m glad I was able to capture this blink for Jen to always remember what being an aunt is all about…LOVE…JOY….and most importantly…FUN!

Come back soon to see more moments from their wedding day.