BLINK :: Ashley+Paul-Michael

Hey Gang!

There isn’t anything quite like a father’s love for his daughter. A friend of mine once told me about how for as long as she could remember, every year on Valentine’s Day, her father would get her chocolates and a card that simply read “From the first man who loved you”. It doesn’t get any more truer than that. From the moment you have a daughter, as a father, all you want for her is to grow up to be happy and loved to the incredible extent that she deserves. As impossible as it may seem for someone to love her as much as you do, that is really the one thing you could wish for that sweet little girl who thought you were the best guy around.

I love seeing a father and his daughter on a wedding day. I’ve said it a million times, but there is nothing like a father’s first look of his daughter in a wedding gown. And then there is that walk down the aisle, that moment that he’s been thinking about her whole life. I watch a father take in every step of that moment, and I imagine him wanting time to freeze, just as he did when all of her other milestones zipped by.

And then….there is the father-daughter dance, that final rite of passage. I anticipated Ashley and her father’s dance like I do at any wedding. But what I wasn’t expecting was the incredible story behind what was about to unfold. While in University, like most students, Ashley didn’t have a lot of money to spend on her dad for Father’s Day. Knowing how much he loved to sing and play music, she got him a notebook, put musical note stickers on it and presented him with a song writing book. He never wrote anything in it until the day he found out that his daughter was engaged.  He then decided to surprised Ashley and wrote a beautiful song for their father-daughter dance that he worked on months recording.  What an amazing moment to witness! And how fitting that this all happened on Father’s Day weekend. I wrote Ashley a note about that moment a few days after it had happened, and she responded with “Best Dad Ever”.

Her first steps, her first words, her first day of school, her first heartbreak, the first look of her in her wedding gown, the walk down the aisle, the father-daughter dance…BLINK and it is gone.