Armenian Banquet Hall Wedding Cambridge :: Stefanie + Barry

Hey Gang,

So this had to be the wettest saturday EVER but I couldn’t have had a better couple for it!  Its perfect when you have couples that are as easy going as Stefanie and Barry, the only thing they care about is each other and their family and friends.  It didnt matter that it was raining, the only thing that did matter was that the closest people in their lives were there to celebrate with them.  I HUGE BIG UPS!! to our bridal party for not caring about getting a “little” wet! *wink* You guys were amazing and so fun to be around!  To my AMAZING couple, thank you so much for just being you! I think the photos say it all! *wink*

Barry and Stephanie’s story begins back in high school where they were not high school sweethearts, but were always friends. Towards the end of high school they started hanging around the same peer group and became closer. The two had a brief summer relationship, but when Stephanie went away to school, they just went back to being friends. During this time, Barry and Stephanie always remained close. They would talk on the phone, text or hang out when she came home from school. As time passed their friendship grew. It didn’t seem to matter what direction their lives took, their paths always seemed to cross with each others. Stephanie and Barry finally made it to place in both of their lives where they were ready to give their relationship another chance, only to realize they wanted to spend their lives together.

Now, how did Barry pop the question?? On June 11th 2011 he asked Stephanie if she wanted to go to the beach becuase it was his day off. She told him that it was calling for rain, but he kept insisting. As they were driving up to Turkey Point it did start to rain (a little bit) and Stephanie remembers making an “I told you so comment.” *lol* Thankfully, it turned out to be a pretty nice day. They laid on the beach for a few hours before deciding to go get ice cream. When they walked into the shop to pay Barry quickly turned around and told Stephanie he forgot his wallet. She found out later that this was his chance to get the ring and a bottle full of sand. He asked her if she wanted to walk down the beach to see the spot where he use to come as a kid. As they were walking, Stephanie noticed that he kept putting his hand in his pocket and walking a head of her. Stephanie remembers making a joke about how they don’t walk together anymore. After they finished their ice cream she told him that she had to run to the bathroom. This was his chance to write “Will you marry me in the sand.” When Stephanie got back, Barry was holding the ring, standing next to the writing. She was so in shock that she grabbed the ring out of his hand just to make sure it was real and put it on her own finger! They spent that night at a cottage Barry rented in Peacock Point, which was right on the water. He thought of everything right down to the champagne. They enjoyed their first day of engagement, just the two of them, before they had to run back and tell their family and friends. A couple weeks later, our thoughtful groom gave Stephanie a small box that he had made with the date of their engagement on the top. Inside was the sand he collected that day (glued in place) with the same message he wrote in the sand at Turkey Point. He also included the cork from the champagne bottle they drank that night!


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Catering by Paradise Reception

Reception venue Armenian Hall Cambridge

Decore by Fairy Tale Weddings

Wedding Dress by Bridal Village