Ancaster Old Mill Wedding :: Cynthia + Alex

Hey Gang,

Alex and Cynthia met in grade nine through mutual friends. She was “dating” one of his close friends at the time, for probably a week lol. She kept in contact with Alex for the next 4 years through random MSN chats. It was just a young fun friendship. They both got very busy in grade twelve with school, friends, and family and their chats on MSN were limited to about once every 2 months until they stopped talking altogether. Cynthia’s high school graduation was coming closer, and her girlfriends at school were gossiping about who they were inviting to graduation. She didn’t pay to much attention because she wasn’t dating anyone at the time and was just going to grad with some close friends.

One day a girl at school told her the guy she asked to grad cancelled on her at the last minute and was going to ask someone named Alex Tinsley. She laughed cause she recognized the name immediately as her “MSN” friend who she hadn’t spoke to in over a year. She thought it was very coincidental, but didn’t think too much of it after that. On the evening of our graduation party this girl and Alex showed up at her friends house because they were all sharing a limo together. They stared at each other but tried not to have the other notice.  They exchanged “hey’s”. It was odd meeting him again she said after seeing him only a few times 4 years prior and random MSN chats. They all went to graduation in the limo, and had dinner. He was sitting at another table with that girl.

The dancing started and all their friends got up and went to the dance floor. She stayed behind at the table as she’s naturally very shy and doesn’t enjoy dancing. She looked up and saw Alex walking over. Cynthia was so nervous. He sat down beside her and he said, “I really don’t like dancing either”. They shared a mutual dislike for dancing. LOL! They talked for the ENTIRE night, about everything from family, friends, high school, jobs, etc. It felt so easy to talk to him she said, and being a shy person she had never experienced that. From that evening on Alex and Cynthia have been inseparable. They took that year off after high school and spent every day together. Long, very late walks at the lake, he made her homemade pasta dishes, she even went on her very first road trip with him to their very favorite place in the world, Nova Scotia. That’s another thing they share. One night they were lying on the beach and Alex told her about his love for Halifax in which she had the same love for too.

The next 6 years were fantastic. Lot’s of trips to Nova Scotia, University/College, new jobs, etc. They have experienced a lot of our firsts together.  On their most recent trip to Halifax last Summer Alex and Cynthia went to their favorite beach, Lawrencetown Beach. They lounged and relaxed. After a few hours he told her we should go explore this long boardwalk they hadn’t see yet. As they walked he seemed nervous she noticed, but she didn’t think much of it. Of course, in the back of her mind she had hoped this trip would be the one where he proposed, but she thought it was just ‘wishful thinking’. She had stopped to read a sign on the boardwalk and when she turned around Alex was on one knee. It seemed unbelievable. She was speechless as Alex told her how much he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.  She choked out a “yes” and cried all the way back to the car to call their families back home.

What really made the proposal special was that a year prior she had lost a ring at that same beach that her grandfather gave her. She had worn her grand-fathers ring for years and years and she was devastated when it had fallen off in the water.  Her grandfather had passed away, and she was even more upset that she lost his ring. Alex told her “this ring was to replace the one that she had lost a year ago from her grandfather”. It was the sweetest gesture that anyone has ever shown her.


Cupcakes/Specialty Car Cake – Flour Girls

Dress – Eva’s Bridal Couture

Reception – Ancaster Old Mill

Hair/Makeup – SOS Makeup Design

Limo – Memory Lane Limo’s