Ancaster Old Mill Wedding :: Nilusha+Ryan

Hey Gang!Nilusha & Ryan’s Spring inspired Ancaster Mill wedding was absolutely beautiful!  It happened to also be my birthday that day and seeing these two sweet people say “I do” was an awesome way to spend my day…on THEIR day *wink*When we asked them three simple questions about their wedding day, it was so cool to see how their answers matched up!!  Nilusha admits to being a little more “Wordy” than her husband, but it the jist of what they both had to say was pretty similar.

He Said:

When I first saw her in her wedding dress…I felt a wave of calmness come over me. Her beauty was transfixing.

My favorite moment… was laughing together after the ceremony had taken place and having a moment to ourselves.

Something that happened that I didn’t expect…was the officiant to rogue. He must have thought it was improv class.

She Said:

When I first saw him all dressed up…There wasn’t so much a thought; it was more a feeling of relief, and a reminder that, regardless of how the day was going to go, I’d get to marry my favourite person and that’s all that mattered… It was also a reminder of how much I love seeing him in a tux. :p

My favourite moment… was when Ryan and I got to head back up to the bridal suite together after the ceremony. It was so fun to just be together and laugh about how certain elements of the ceremony did NOT go as planned!

Something that happened that I didn’t expect….We hadn’t ended up being able to go over our vows with our officiant before the ceremony, so I panicked in my head for a moment during the ceremony when the officiant said “Nilusha & Ryan have prepared some vows…”, as if he thought we’d written our own vows. Part of me was going “oh, GOD, we don’t have any vows for our wedding!!!”, and part of me was trying to figure out how to just wing it and make them up on the spot (which would have ended up as a “roses are red, violets are blue” sort of deal, I’m sure)… Thankfully it didn’t come to that; our officiant did indeed have vows for us, and they were beautiful (from that I can remember of the moment!)!

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