Ancaster Mill Wedding :: Emily+Matt

Hey Gang!

Today I am SO excited to share Emily & Matt’s wedding photos from the Ancaster Mill.  What an amazing day!!  Right from the moment I met these two, I knew we were going to have a blast….and let me tell you, their party was AWESOME!

How did this perfect pair meet?  At a mutual friend’s birthday party! Steph was someone Emily was in a post-grad program with (Event and Meeting Management) and she and Matt both did their undergrad at Laurier.

Steph invited Emily to her birthday party on Oct 1, 2010 and Emily almost didn’t go.  She describes herself as “a little shy” and was a little nervous about going alone when the only  person she was going to know would be Steph.  She walked in her apartment and Matt was the first person she saw – there was an instant attraction. He was standing with his friend Josh Duru  and looked as awkward as Emily felt. He didn’t really know anyone there either. It was a little bit of “love at first sight”-  Matt said to Duru “There’s something about that girl- I have to talk to her” and Emily asked Steph “WHO is that person standing in your kitchen?”
Later that evening everyone was hanging out on Steph’s balcony and Emily overheard Matt laughing (which she describes as “probably the most ridiculous sound I have ever heard in my life”- apparently Matt has a big belly laugh and laughs like how it’s spelled… Ha! Ha! Ha! *lol*)- anyway his laugh was her icebreaker.  She recalls saying something like “Is that really how you laugh?”… they started talking and… never stopped. Matt isn’t the kind of guy that typically pursues someone but he says there was something about me and Emily felt the same.
The day after Steph’s birthday Emily told her she was interested in Matt and that he had asked her out.  Steph said “I knew this would happen! I knew if you two met, you would end up together.”
A year into their relationship Matt had to move to California for work. They were so in love and both knew that the distance wasn’t going to be easy but their relationship was worth it- they both agreed to do whatever it took to make they relationship work and continue to grow. They went back and forth to visit each other every month and talked on the phone ALL THE TIME. They kept telling each other that their time apart was just “a small drop in the bucket when we were going to be together forever”.
After a year of long distance they KNEW they wanted to get married and didn’t want to spend another year apart. Matt came back to Canada for their 2nd anniversary / Thanksgiving and proposed in a hotel room overlooking Niagara Falls….

And now here they are…Mr & Mrs *wink*

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