BLINK :: Emily+Matt

Hey Gang!

When imagining their wedding, there are usually two things a couple wants…good weather and for their guests to have an AMAZING time. You know what I am talking about..the music gets going, the dance floor fills up and before you know it, aunts, uncles, grandmas & grandpas start cuttin’ a rug! You wind up learning new dance moves like the “toilet plunger” & the “lawn mower” from family members you didn’t realize had mad dance skills! Everyone belts out the tunes and there aren’t any feet that don’t have a blister or two on them – but the best part is, no one cares! They’re having too much fun, the music is too good, and their feet are too numb to notice in the moment anyways. After a few songs loosen everyone up, it feels like the whole night is ahead of you, and thank goodness because you don’t want it to end!!

At every good party, there is that moment when the band or DJ announces “last dance”. REALLY!? Are you sure?? How could it be that the night went by so quickly! And just like that, everyone uses the last bit of energy they have left, to really enjoy that one last song…..

You wake up the next morning and before opening your eyes, stretch your legs…point your toes and “ouch!” they’re sore, but you smile to yourself knowing that this is a sign of an amazing night. And then you start to recall the day…how beautiful the bride looked, how happy the couple was, how good the food was, and…”Did I really do the “toilet plunger” with Aunt June??!” You’re then recalling all of the laughs, the memories and wishing to relive those moments again.

When you’re having fun, time really does fly. It is like you’re dancing on fast forward buttons and not on a regular dance floor. What I have for Emily and Matt today is the best defense against those annoying “Fast Forward” moments…it is more like a “Pause button”. The party can’t go on forever, we *blink* and it is gone…..but at the end of it all the photos are the one thing that will last.

Come back for more of their beautiful day!